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Salary packaging is the smart way to maximise your salary by reducing your taxable income and increasing your take home pay. Same salary more money.

Salary packaging allows you to pay for items you would normally pay for in after-tax dollars, with before tax-dollars. This arrangement can reduce the amount of tax you pay and increase your take home salary. The tax outcome of each employee will vary depending on the employee's individual circumstances.

Items you can salary package

Prestige Novated Lease

The Prestige Novated Lease is structured to allow employees access to the highest level of savings – Government Fleet discount.


If your job requires you to relocate, you can use salary packaging to save on stamp duty, interest and loan services fees, as well as other associated costs of moving to a new location.

Personal Electronics

By salary packaging your Personal Electronic Device (PED), you can save on GST and further tax savings by paying for the item using your pre-tax salary.

Otherwise Deductible

You could be eligible to claim a number of items under Otherwise Deductible Expenses; such as home office expenses, memberships and subscriptions.