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As a WA local government employee salary packaging allows you to maximise your salary by reducing your taxable income and spending smarter. Using pre-tax dollars to purchase a variety of goods, you avoid inflated prices and ultimately get the most out of your money.

Items you can salary package


Love rideshare? Easi salary packaging gives you the opportunity to save money on your Uber rides to and from work.

Personal Electronics

By salary packaging your Personal Electronic Device (PED), you can save on GST and further tax savings by paying for the item using your pre-tax salary. Ask us about our easi arrangement with Harvey Norman.

Novated Lease

Save thousands on your next car. Pay for the cost of your car and it's running costs in one easy pre-tax payment.

LG Professionals WA Membership

Salary package your LG Professionals WA membership fee with Easi. No salary packaging fees applicable.


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If you're interested in learning how much you could be saving with the benefits of salary packaging use our cost savings calculator. If you would like to discuss your personal situation with one of our team members please call us on 1300 22 44 88.
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Interested in learning how much you could be saving on a new car with the benefits of salary packaging? Use our calculator.

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