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Salary Packaging Cards

Pay for items you would normally pay for in after-tax dollars, with before tax dollars. Only NT Government hospital staff are eligible.
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Salary Packaging Card

Pay by Phone capability for IOS and Android
Simple online application, no bank verification required
App allows for easy access to balances
Lowest cost provider, saving you more
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Meal & Entertainment Card

Use the card wherever VISA is accepted
Restructure your income so you pay less tax by using your pre-tax salary on meals and entertainment
Choose how much you wish to spend by nominating the amount you want deducted from your income fortnightly
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Salary Packaging Card

We have partnered with BeyondBank, one of Australia’s largest customer owned banks, to provide salary packaging solutions that can save you money on everyday expenses by reducing the tax you pay on these items. Salary packaging is an Australian Tax Office (ATO) approved method of reducing your tax requirements by allowing you to pay for selected expenses before you are taxed, thereby reducing your taxable income and saving you money.
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Meal Entertainment Card

We have partnered with BeyondBank to provide a meal and entertainment packaging solution which can be used on meals and entertainment up to $2,650 per year, an amount which you control the distribution of fortnightly. The card can be used on any substantial meal, using your pre-tax salary, ensuring that you aren’t taxed on your entertainment budget.
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Get more perks from your pay.

Salary packaging allows you to maximise your salary by reducing your taxable income and spending smarter. Using pre-tax dollars to purchase a variety of goods, you avoid inflated prices and ultimately get the most out of your money.

The tax outcome of each employee will vary depending on the individual circumstances.

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